I can provide competent, affordable legal services for parties involved in criminal cases, family law (mainly custody, visitation, and support matters), and juvenile law (which traditionally includes both delinquency and/or dependency actions).

I am also a passionate advocate for legal medical marijuana and ending the drug war.

The firm is based in Long Beach but I am able to assist clients throughout both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Family Law

If you are seeking a support, custody, or visitation order I can provide assistance as both an attorney and as a former child support enforcement officer.

Clients seeing domestic violence protection orders will find a safe and respectful source of legal counsel in my firm, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Criminal Law

Sadly, even as our country finally begins to end its decades-long drug war, the criminal justice system is still incarcerating far too many people for crimes they did not commit, or imposing sentences that do not match the harm caused to the public.

Clients seeking to expunge their criminal records and/or reduce felony convictions under CA Proposition 47 are also encouraged to speak with my firm.

Medical Marijuana Advocacy

If you are a patient facing a criminal charge, discrimination on the basis of your status as a legal MMJ user, or are at risk of losing your parental rights, you can expect zealous representation from a fellow patient.

Clients seeking to open dispensaries are also encouraged to speak with me about the esoteric and sometimes mystifying world of MMJ municipal regulation.

Juvenile Law

As a graduate/fellow in Whittier Law School’s Center for Children’s Rights and a former editor of the Whittier Journal of Children and Family Advocacy, the world of Juvenile Law (Dependency and Delinquency) is very close to my heart.

Look to my firm if you are a parent, de-facto parent, or guardian worried about the effects of a dependency petition on your rights, or a child facing the severe world of our delinquency system.

Political Consulting

Are you a candidate looking to craft your message concerning progressive approaches to poverty? Do you need assistance reaching voters in the labor, activist, or minority communities? I have experience in these fields and more.

Opposition Research

I have assisted candidates in city council, mayoral, and congressional races by discovering and distributing politically strategic information about their opponents. I have maintained connections throughout the progressive blogosphere and have authored several viral news stories.